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Future proof
infrastructure through flexibility

A vendor independent data
centre consulting and managed services provider


Qual partners with customers to work through the complexities of cloud, virtualisation, storage, security and work-space.

We enable organisatoins to evolve to a services-enabled data centre, providing on-demand elastic services, agility and enabling IT innovation. We consider the businesses, processes, policies and technology in place and to create a customised plan that mitigate risk, reduces cost and improves efficiency, we drive business value rather than technology outcomes.


IT Strategy

We work with our organisations to accelerate growth, reduce cost and improve efficiency by emerging technology.

Our approach and recommendations are highly customised and lead to practical actions. There is no single off-the-shelf solution that will meet all requirements. Qual provides a practical evolution path based on our continuum of service offerings and roadmap.

We help organisations explore new information technologies, transform existing technologies and capture the opportunities for the future.

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Technology Selection

The solution selection service replaces the previous vendor selection service.

The solution selection service replaces the previous vendor selection service. The key difference is that the solution might not be technology specific or limited to a single vendor (e.g. where multiple cloud solutions are brought together). The solution selection process involves service requirements definition, a managed RFP process, weighted scoring and solution selection.

A proven methodology to rationalise and facilitate vendor selection by taking a focused approach to bring the...

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Infrastructure Transformation

A centralised IT environment with a fixed infrastructure can transform fixed asset costs into a compute-now service model.

Qual is positioned to help you with that transformation taking the best attributes to create powerful integrated solutions that will keep pace with your growth and keep business moving forward.

We are excited about the opportunity to provide our organisatoins with information on Infrastructure Transformation. We have highly skilled consultants that have the expertise to deliver on all leading technologies.

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Workload Migration

Application & Workload migration services deliver the transition of enterprise compute based services to Public and Private Cloud providers.

Our migration projects may include traditional data centre (Lift & Shift), Virtual Workload Migrations (P2V, V2V), and Cloud Migration projects (AWS, Azure). Custom transition services can also be extended to include application refactoring/redesign where appropriate to leverage the hyper scale and automation characteristics of Public Cloud compute.

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Project Delivery

Your IT initiatives are a value add to your journey of meeting the strategic objectives.

Helps organisations maximise their strategic initiatives outcomes from beginning with defining the business goals and proper set up all the way to execution and ensuring extended success. Proactively managing the internal and external stakeholders in concert with each other is required to ensure business results will equal or exceed expectations.

Qual project management practice helps IT organisations consistently and reliably drive strategic technology initiatives from initiation to completion.

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