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Technology Selection

The solution selection service replaces the previous vendor selection service. The key difference is that the solution might not be technology specific or limited to a single vendor (e.g. where multiple cloud solutions are brought together). The solution selection process involves service requirements definition, a managed RFP process, weighted scoring and solution selection.

A proven methodology to rationalise and facilitate vendor selection by taking a focused approach to bring the business and technology together results in decreased effort and increased ROI.

At Qual we take a mature and tested methodology that streamlines the effort required to make the appropriate technology choices for your organisation.


Cloud Advisory Services

Helping customers define where the adoption of cloud services will support their business, building a business case supported strategy and a road-map for transformation.

Qual Professional Services will offer four cloud advisory services

Qual expert consultants will quickly identify performance and functional requirements and develop a reference architecture design in relation to both requirements and operational practices

Backup and DR

Leverages proven methodology to rationalise and facilitate vendor selection for the reduction and/or minimisation of legacy backup and recovery architectures supporting backup environments.

Backup & DR


Identify capacity, utilisation and usage taking performance and management into consideration, developing a road-map for change while introducing service tiers.


The specific blend of security controls an organisation employs is tied to the mission of the organisation and the role of the system supports that mission. Our experts use the risk management process to identify an effective mixture of controls aligned wit buisiness impact analysis.

Information Management

Information Management

We use our experience in selecting and identifying the records that needs to be available and critical for a business to maintain without having a substantial commercial impact on resources.

Enterprise Mobility

A service that helps enable your workforce to be productive while keeping your corporate data protected and ensuring the corporate devices and applications are compliant with your business security requirements.

Mobility Enterprise
Collaboration solutions

Collaboration Solutions

Businesses are embracing the need to support teams with tools beyond traditional messaging systems. Collaboration solutions bring distributed people and information together to get more done in less time.

At Qual we take a mature and tested methodology that streamlines the effort required to make the appropriate technology choices for your organisation

Service Offering Stages

Project initiation

The project initiation aims at allowing both the Client and Qual to agree on the content and process of the SOW and thus launch the project.


The team executes discovery interviews and works with the client to complete data discovery, profiling the high-level topology of data centre infrastructure, scalability, and performance in the environment.


RFP Development, Distribution and Vendors Rating

In parallel to reference architecture development, RFP technical content is developed in question format and is reviewed with the client team. The content is then incorporated into final RFP format for distribution, either using a client RFP template, a Qual template, or a client RFP distribution system.

Project Closure

The final project week includes vendor interviews, analysis, and recommendations.


Facilitated Workshop

This session includes project profiling, review of current state findings, selection criteria development and ranking, and white boarding session to review and rationalise design alternatives.

Reference Architecture

Qual consultants develop a logical reference architecture, which provides a high-level overview of the recommended systems architecture, including a Service Management Matrix (SMM) to rationalise the requirements and reference architecture attributes.


Qual technology selection service

Value Proposition

Define requirements related to resilient Infrastructure Architecture, Service Continuity and Operational Recovery

Help the client understand leading and emerging technologies (Cloud models, enterprise software, optimised duplication, de-duplication, encryption, etc.)

Develop a reference architecture that supports those requirements for businesses

Develop vendor selection criteria, leveraging the reference architecture as the baseline to which all vendors must respond

Facilitate the analysis of vendor’s solutions to ensure that the solution meets the organisation’s requirements at lowest cost and risk

Increase the probability of making the right vendor and product decisions in relation to the organisation’s business requirements



  • Accelerated selection based on proven methodology
  • Evaluation pinpoints the critical success factors relevant to the need
  • Constantly updated evaluation based on our inside market intelligence
  • Includes appropriate targeted input from project stakeholders
  • Particular focus on Finance, Planning, Reporting, Budgeting and Analytics requirements
  • Built on our proven expertise including multiple public sector projects


  • Delivers rapid evaluation and selection results
  • Ensures broadest relevant stakeholder engagement
  • Incorporates most up-to-date information from rapidly-evolving cloud market
  • Provides full audit trail and confidence to support selection decisions
  • Gives strongest possible foundation for ongoing benefits delivery
  • Legacy to cloud migration and rationalisation specialists

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