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Workload Migration

An interconnected array of infrastructure, software and data drives the organisations business services and powers every aspect of the operations. Moving mission critical services across the infrastructure is challenging. Yet change is inevitable and as the business grows, there are commercial and performance driven justifications what value such a move would add.

  • Application & workload migration services deliver the transition of enterprise compute based services to public and private cloud premises.
  • Our migration projects may include traditional data centre (lift & shift), virtual workload migrations (P2V, V2V) and cloud migration projects (AWS, Azure).
  • Custom transition services can also be extended to include application refactoring/redesign, where appropriate, to leverage the hyper-scale and automation characteristics of public cloud compute.

Cloud migrations are about managing risk against time. We provide automation, delivery frameworks and field expertise to successfully navigate the data centre infrastruture and migrate across to public & private cloud.

We offer a structured tried & tested migration framework and automation capability


Low cost discovery, driven by automation and proven discovery methods


Vendor independent cloud costing, strategy, and design authority


Risk and cost sensitive engagement model to drive migrations on scale


Outcome driven migration services, focused on transition time to completion and minimal risk impact

Application/Workload Migrations service

The Application/Workload Migrations service from Qual Professional Services delivers migration outcomes for our customers:

  • Accelerated enterprise discovery
  • Vendor independent cloud migration strategy and vendor selection
  • Efficient migration, move group planning and validation
  • Automation driven migration execution and customer teaming
  • Risk-sensitive migration testing and validation
  • Unit based workload migration
  • Comprehensive overview of environment, performance and application data
  • Dependency mapping and visualisation provides insight into servers
  • Workloads and their relationship to other services within the environment

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Qual Professional Services is armed with knowledge around workload migration and partnered with major vendors in the industry specialised to help realise a number of benefits that can be derived from gaining intelligent insights into data coming from devices.

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