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Increased data growth
may lead to information governance concerns

As companies grow
data grows - keep on
top with your data governance

Information Availability

Organisations with performance optimised for strategic service mapping of their infrastructure are well designed to handle the explosive growth of data coupled with typical cost pressures. Infrastructure performance and data exponential growth could potentially cause lack of insight on information availability and governance.

Organisations hold their business critical data on emails and folders on users end devices as well as PSTs. The data has a value which demands introduction of Information Governance Portfolio including centralised dashboard giving the business an opportunity to effectively reside the data to counter information risk. Efficient placement of information enables organisations to produce the information swiftly in case of litigation, compliance and auditing mandate.

Information Availability

Qual takes a prudent approach towards maintaining regulatory demands and data retention (information availability) for a period of time. The digitisation of records requires an exponential growth in storage capacity.

With organisations under scrutiny for their unstructured data due to compliance, the expectation for anytime, anywhere access to records must be met.

Data Profiling

Understand the importance of profiling your data within your organisation

Data Profiling

Data profiling exercise allows organisations to accurately and efficiently analyse and diagnose the quality of their data. The core of this practice is a set of archiving policies that govern how diverse data objects are handled from the time they are created until they are ready to be deleted.

By completing a process of analysing complete data sources as one process, organisations successfully capture a comprehensive understanding of their data assets which helps them managing data according to its life cycle.

Data Profiling value proposition

Reducing storage costs by pushing data growth to more cost-effective, scalable storage

Addressing regulatory compliance and corporate governance requirements

Improving availability and performance by not wasting high-end resources on little accessed data

Delivering appropriate levels of data protection & disaster recovery

Alleviating recovery delays due to non-critical data

Ensuring free space for users and applications

Our consultants focus on the storage infrastructure and obtain a high level understanding of organisations data footprint during the workshop and deliver a report with recommendations.

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